How to make the crunchy doughnuts known as “Kabaragara” in cassava flour


While I was preparing this post, I had to cook to show some people, my friends of course, we discussed but we didn’t agree on the name I said to them in my mother tongue. In the neighborhoods where I spent my childhood we used to call them “Kabaragara”. What is important is that you learn how to cook them, but if you know the particular name of how you call them in your area, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments place.

Donuts served

Let me first tell you the ingredients.

Cassava flour

Oil for frying

Red onion

A punch of chili

A punch of salt

Lukewarm water

All the ingredients ready to mix

How to proceed: Put the cassava flour in a container to mix, then add the chopped onion, add a little salt and a little chili.

Mix first before adding water

When the mixture is ready in a container, lukewarm water should be ready in another recipient. Start pouring a small amount of water by mixing with your hand (well cleaned). Mix until you get a paste that does not stick on the container or on the hand.

The thick paste that does not stick

Once the dough ready, start to cut it into small pieces by hands, turn each piece in the palm of your hands to make a small sphere, change the shape by pressing with two hands and making movements as shown in this video.

Demonstration of how to form small donuts by hand
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You can place small donuts formed on a tray in order to put them in the oil heated to a medium temperature.

Small donuts in the shape of small sweet potatoes

Donuts must be small enough to be well cooked and crunchy

A small doughnut in one hand

You need to know that the cooking oil should not be too hot so as not to burn the donuts before they get well cooked. It is also necessary to cool the oil a little to find the average temperature before the next cooking.

Small donuts in oil

You can start removing them as soon as they start to take a brown color, and place them first on a paper towel to reduce excessive oil before serving.

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