December 6, 2021


Jane Communications Rwanda introduces to you “Gute How Comment” internet channels, a
mean of communication for change in Rwanda and worldwide. Statistics show that internet users increase every year worldwide and the first quarter of 2020 show how much internet is distributed in the entire world. The table below was published by Internet World Stats in March 2020.

These channels publish in three languages. Kinyarwanda, English and French. With the use of these three languages altogether, a great percentage of the population of the world is able to understand the message through published articles and videos.

English comes at the first place, with more than 50%, French at the fourth place with almost 5%. Kinyarwanda is not very high but it’s the mother tongue of the producers and the use of that language, translated in English and French will help to preserve the original meaning of the messages.

You will find written articles and photos on this website with the videos linked on Youtube. The direct publication links are sent to the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages and WhatsApp groups for viewers to see it as soon as possible. This way helps to captivate many people’s attention in the shortest time. “Gute How Comment” publishes Health and Lifestyle tips for the behavior change of Rwandans and the entire world towards sustainable development.

Top 10 languages used by the internet users worldwide by 2020 first quarter.

About Jane UWIMANA the blogger.

She is the founder and managing editor on this website. Her professionalism is in journalism, media and music. She specialized in Development Journalism and Health Journalism.

She hosts a weekly Radio Show for the Youth about the Reproductive Health at the Radio Kissfm102.3 Kigali

A propos de Jane UWIMANA la bloggeuse.

Elle est la fondatrice et rédactrice en chef de ce site Web. Elle est une professionnelle dans le journalisme, les médias et la musique. Elle s’est spécialisée dans le journalisme de développement et le journalisme de santé.

Elle anime une émission de radio hebdomadaire pour les jeunes sur la santé reproductive à la Radio Kissfm102.3 Kigali

Ibyerekeye Jane UWIMANA umunyarubuga.

Niwe washinze kandi anayobora ubwanditsi bw’uru rubuga. Imyuga ye ni itangazamakuru n’umuziki. Yize ibijyanye n’itangazamakuru ry’iterambere n’itangazamakuru ry’ubuzima.

Ayobora ikiganiro cy ‘urubyiruko kivuga ku buzima bw’imyororokere kiba rimwe mu cyumweru kuri Radio Kissfm102.3 Kigali